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Graphic design, digital media and more.

What I do.

Communication design is a mixed discipline combining design and infographics. A communication design approach is not only concerned with the aesthetics but also sellects the appropriate media solution to ensure the message is delivered with the desired impact to the target audience.


Graphic design

This is the basis of any serious design service. From layout, typography, illustration and infographics, good design makes information pleasing and efficient.

Digital media

Undoubtedly the most important information revolution since Gutemberg, digital media and the internet have revolutionized how we work and think.


From paper bags to DVD cases, well-designed packaging adds value to the brand.


With the transition from analog to digital everyone is now taking pictures. A true photographer, however, provides his unique style and approach.

What do you do?

Planning to launch that great new idea? Do you need to get your ideas seen, read and understood? 


Research laboratories, state of the art science facilities or pharmaceutical companies all need to communicate and explain what they do to a wider public.


Media and culture

Theatres, exhibitions and festivals as well as media organisations all have visual stories to tell.

Retail and services

Product designers, online distributors, brand creators – everyone’s market share is closely linked to how people perceive them and their products.


Are you launching the next great toffu emporium, pizza space delivery service or chiquest five-star greasy spoon? Hospitality professional need the right image and tools of the trade.

Financial services

Properly illustrated financial concepts and confidence inspiring presentations are essential to capturing the attention of future clients or investors.


Just about to launch that great new idea? We have helped many to visually implement their new concepts and ideas.

So, what can I do for you?

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